Summer Dinner!

The last dinner for the summer (until sometime in August) was one of my most memorable yet…truly great crowd, beautiful ambience, amazing food and …words simply fail, so why don’t I just quote some of my guests:-)…


IMG_1166‘It was so nice:-).  thank you Sarah for all.  I met such an awesome bunch of people and had such a memorable evening.  I’m heading home with sunshine in my heart.  Thanks Sarah!’  Karron

‘Es war wunderbar, danke’ Huberts.

‘I just loooove the ambience.’ Ola Egbowon

‘Besten als nie einen 5 Steine Restaurant’  Karin

‘Thanks so much for the privilege of IMG_1170being your guest.  You are indeed a


IMG_1168perfect cook and a good hostess.  May your storehouse never run dry.’

‘Sarah darling, I am so glad I was able to come today.  The food was delicious and you looked very happy, showing you are in your place of passion!! Well done…success, success, success!!!’ Maria.

‘Girl, you are a trull blessing to me, big time and great food, beautiful host, wonderful ambience as usual…love it!’ Lil

‘It’s my 2 time and it’s even better! for real …’IMG_1176




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