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“At the age of 15 Rhea, a young Christian girl, was raped by a gang of gun-wielding robbers during a church convention. There followed 18 years of extreme psychological trauma during which Rhea went from loving God (as she had been brought up to by her deeply religious parents) to hating Him with a passion. According to Rhea, at one point in her life only the loathing she developed for her own self could equal her hatred for God and all things godly. This hatred, she said, was so virulent that it became an ordeal to take a simple bath, as she could not stand to touch herself. How Rhea went from this awful extreme back to loving God all over again is woven by me in this pain-filled but extremely inspirational narration.
Rhea’s is just one of the five remarkable stories in,”

But He Calls Me Blessed!
When the Unbelievable Happens to Believers.