Prince William and Kate Middleton

And so it begins… Hardly was the announcement of Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William out when the nit picking began.  First it was a report about Ms Middleton’s style of dressing – how much skin

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Pumpkin Yam Porridge

Where food and cooking was concerned, I was a child prodigy when I was growing up. Which was lucky for me because I remember taming my mother’s anger once with the dish below – that’s another story in itself, by the way.  For now, just look forward to having the recipe of this rich yellow […]

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You are not unattractive, you are just in the wrong country!

The only constant thing in life, they say, is change.  But if there’s an issue that will never change, it is mankind’s obsession over beauty: with the aid of the cosmetic industry, it is an obsession that’s guaranteed to remain on the agenda of everyone for as long as there’s life on earth. However,

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