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Next Event  Nigerian Cuisine Day! 

Dear valued guests,

With reference to the above event, due to ill-health (really bad case of allergies), I am having to change the date of 9/5/2014 to 16/5/2014.

I appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming you back to my kitchen on:

New Date 16/5/2014

book at:
(+43) 06767336132

Time: 7.p.m. (prompt!)

I will be your hostess again on this taste-bud tingling and exotic exploration of delicious cuisine.   

                                                                                           Space goes quickly so,
                                                                                           book early!
                                                                                           0676 733 61 32


Past events:
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27th of March, 2014      A Day in Sarah’s Kitchen
11th of April, 2014
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