Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner is a Nigerian-born writer and poet whose work covers the highs and lows of the human heart, as seen in her many writings.

The story

A writer of both poetry and prose, her writings include
  • Pathways of Lifeher 2008 book of poetry, and
  • numerous features in TIME magazine,
  • Genevieve, 
  • Leadership & Life Style monthly, and
  • many other publications.
Born in Southern Nigeria, her poem “Mirror Image” was converted into the theme song for a Nigerian breast cancer awareness concert in 2005.
She holds a bachelor’s in diplomatic studies and a master’s in professional writing from the University College of Falmouth, Cornwall.
Besides writing, charity work also forms a fundamental part of Sarah’s life, and when asked why she says ‘I was raised under the principles of the importance of sharing – being one’s brother’s keeper in the truest sense of that phrase.’
This belief is encapsulated in an event that took place when I was just seven years old. I always refer to this incident as Grandmma’s pebble in the river (read the story here). As a result of this principle, for over 15 years, Sarah has worked to promote educational funding for children and youth in her community in southern Nigeria. In addition to that, she has supported women in numerous projects; including providing micro financing for small- scale businesses, vocational training, and formation of cooperatives (a forum under which women work together to achieve financial independence).
Sarah, an Austrian Citizen by marriage, was born in the South Eastern part of Nigeria into a very loving and close-knit family. She holds a BA (hons) in Diplomatic Studies, an MA in Professional Writing, and sundry NCFE-approved diplomas in copywriting, editing & proofreading and poetry writing. She is blessed with two children. For more information, please visit