Who is Sarah?

What people say?

When I first met Sara, my first impression of her was… ‘effervescent’..that’s right, bright, bubbly,talkative, humourous, restless even… But time has a way of showing us dimensions and throwing up perspectives we somehow ignored, the first few times around.. Sara has a depth to her that may escape you initially because of her ‘joie de vivre’ but this woman is an onion..full of layers! ..misjudge her at your peril! Her poetry is rich, varied, emotional..much like she is... Ngozi Princewill Utchay
Wow, there are a lot of remarkable things about Sarah. She is a warm hearted and affectionate person that thrills from the sheer thought of rendering any form of assistance to anyone in need. The keyword here is ANYONE. She has been blessed with a gift of creativity which can clearly be seen through her writings. In my opinion, she is a brilliant writer that that brings themes alive on paper. But her creativity doesn’t only end with her writing but it is also portrayed through her style, taste and cookery skill. In a nutshell, Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner is a loving mother, thoughtful friend and exceptional inspiring writer.
Helen Ademilua
Hello, I realized that finally I have the chance to be a part of something I believe is unique, special, very relevant and important. I am not one to miss a chance,SARAH UDOH! rough diamond and certainly an unexploded dynamite that will make an impact.Words that speak of Sarah;writer, integrity, intelligent, commitment, forceful where needed, creative, God fearing. nuturer of her family, talented and can be very vocal yet very feeling:she has not yet got all she deserves from this life, but thankfully she is at the beginning of her life. A bit of a rough diamond especially on issues she is very passionate about and certainly knows how to package herself. whoever invests in her or her talent is wise and lucky. I have read her works, and I believe her works especially her philosophical poems are one of those one in a generation collections. trying hard to get murk out, but if you need any specific answers, feel free to contact me. would have put down my qualifications and experience, just to butress the fact that it’s a trained and critical eye that was used to express this opinion, BUT, it’s about SARAH. best regards, Uduak-Abasi
MI have known Sarah for almost 7 years now. I know her to be a true woman of great conviction. She is an incredible mother and dedicated writer which is evident from her last book Pathways of Life which blew me away! She is a woman of talent who believes in putting pen to paper in order, not only to share her deep thoughts and findings but also not to waste a chance to share insights that the Lord has blessed her with. In addition to this I find her reliable and honourable in her dealings with people of all walks of life. I just wish her the best in all her endeavours and pray she will continue in the path that God has mapped out for her and blessed her with.
Lili Abdul-Malik
Hello,I’m writing to tell you a little bit about Sarah:Sarah, is a warm and giving person who willingly gives of herself to others. She is fun to be around and definitely a guest you’d like to have at your dinner party. She is a wonderful mother to her children and anyone spending a little bit of time with her would soon realise that they are both the apple of her eye. Sarah is a romantic at heart and despite her life experiences still remains optimistic and hopeful, a quality I can empathise with and one which makes me relate to her all the more. Sarah is a spiritual person and yearns to deepen her relationship with God another great quality of hers. If you were to ask me about any negative points I would be hard pressed to find any, perhaps in giving so much of herself to others Sarah might do so at her own cost…perhaps it’s now time for Sarah to spread her wings and soar. Go for it Sarah! Kind regards,Ito
The outstanding and muted qualities of Sarah are her unpretentious nature.Sarah is as original and down to earth as any of mother nature’s best .I cannot help but associate her with the pure and naturals like silk,cotton,pure new wool,no pretensions just refreshingly natural as a breath of fresh air.The most endearing side of her is her strong sense of family ,friendship and camaraderie.Her sheer physical strength despite her petite size, she’ll think nothing of taking on a dozen children for a sleep over with her own two,and she’ll ensure they’re all well entertained,fed and cared for even better than some of them would be at their own homes.Her brilliance was not initially apparent but I detected that way back in french diploma school where we met as classmates,and where she earned the nickname “maidemoiselle vitesse” as she was always the first to turn in her assignment even as the rest of the class was still trying to decipher the question.Her writing skills and immense talent are still unfolding and I do believe we shall some day gather to applaud her as she claims her well deserved prize as a nobel laureate. I could write a whole book on Sarah but that’s for the future when she would have gathered so many more laurels for us to celebrate and record for posterity. Sandra Mbagwu-Fagbemi