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Sarah Udoh Grossfurthner                                                                 
Creator of: From Fearful to Fierce

The ability to speak with a clear voice, without the affected cadence of the false poet is important. I think Sarah's work captures this. There's little pretentiousness in her work. Her images are lucid, her resonance clear.The narrative is there, ever present, telling the story, loud and clear. And the message? This is perhaps the clear thrust of the poetry; it is driven by a message of hope and gladness, or despair, and anguish, of yesterday and today, of fuel for tomorrow, and tears for the ills of society. Arranged in no particular order, the poems tumble out as if from nowhere. And this is how it should be.Despite our best wishes and even the statements of science, there's no clear order to the firmament of human emotions or the language of living life in forward motion. We just do it, it just happens, we go, we live, we survive, and we feel. And this says it all; we feel. Sarah's work captures this with an eloquence yet quiet simplicity that makes her poems accessible to all. The good news is that this is only the beginning volume.
By: Bramwell Osula
Regent University, Virginia Beach, USA
Ph.D.Professor, School of Global Leadership & Entrepreneurship

This work is wonderful and has touched my life so much. It is God's inspired work and it is intended to change and impart life. I wish every student should read it and be blessed like me. Keep it up. We are anticipating for the latest.
By: Uche Nwafor

Your effort is commendable,keep it up.May God bless your efforts.
By: Richie Richards

Having glanced through your book, and what others have said, I conclude that I have nothing more than to support you in prayer. As earlier mentioned in your write-up regarding Nigeria, hey ! who knows, may our time be lightened by your efforts to the glory of the living God.
By: Emmanuel Idogho

Your article, "Re-branding Nigeria - Pouring old wine into a new bottle", is hilarous and at the same time invokes a bitter after-taste and a feeling of sadness over the - so-called - "geographical expression" called Nigeria. I am both intrigued at my new insights about Nigerians living in Vienna and about your candid depiction of the situation, which simply reveals your undeniable gift as a writer! Good job.
By: Alex Rumole

Sarah wears her heart on her sleeve in her poems. She openly and honestly portrays a range of human emotions at various stages in life. It mirrors the deep places in the soul of humanity and invites the reader to continue on their upward journey of life. In expressing the universal needs of the human heart, she has proven that there is more than unites us than we can imagine.
By: Chineme UgborHuman Development Specialist and Coach

A remarkable collection of thought provoking, heartwarming and inspirational poems from Sarah. Each is unique and with its own special message to the reader. A banquet of poems to be savoured and enjoyed. Well done!
By: Folake Fawunmi

To say that I am really proud of my friend Sarah, is to put it mildly!!!! This young budding writer is brimming with inspiration and heart-wrenching poetry that begs anyone to dare differ in opinion! She, in this book has captivated a span of emotions that lie on the hearts of many but have not surfaced on paper until now. All I can say is, if you haven't had the pleasure of being acquainted with her works do yourself the best favour ever and treat yourself to a copy and delve into a path sweet but until now unknown.A very satisfied owner of "The Pathways of Life"
By: Lili

I keep this book on my nightstand and find it inspirational night or day. Knowing Sarah as long as I have, I find the same inspiration in her. Keep writing as your voice is powerful and needs to be heard.
By: Bonnie Welch

Here is my review, it is really nice and good too.I love it.
By: John Isner

Great thinking! great focus !!! God is your guide, you can never fail in this journey
By: Ndueso Ekpeyong

I was at the lunching. A very impressive afternoon. Very personal and emotional...the readings were worth staying for. I particularly enjoyed Nina's reading. It was so meaningful to me.... You have made Nigeria and Africa proud. I can't wait to read the next book. Keep on writing.
By: Theresa Acquah

Hey, I quite liked what i saw and read.keep going. the future is beckoning you.
By: Jeevak

This collection of poems takes the reader through the poet's personal journey, and at the same time, makes us reflect on our own paths and those of others. All this is done through Sarah's innate talent with words, closeness to detail and emotion, and an artist's vision. The result is that the poems come alive, and I can honestly say that they spoke and continue to speak to me. Congratulations to a truly gifted world-citizen writer. I look forward to more!
By: Jean Haas-Makumbi

The poems are simple and un-ostentatious yet rich with insight. They reflect the transparency of the author and deal with topics that capture her heart and mind. Pathways of Life reveals her to be an affectionate, enlightened and resilient woman; a loving mother and a loved child. A woman who is loyal to Africa and resolute in her faith. I look forward to reading the second volume.
By: Vanessa Wilcox

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