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Announcing My Upcoming Book!

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Need a Good Read?

Read about the journey into the soul of a teenage boy with a chronic disability. Need a good read? Read about the journey into the soul of a teenage boy with a chronic disability. @Sensim #amreading — Pubslush (@pubslush) October 22, 2014  

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On Writing…

On Writing… This week I have done some pretty great writing. However, the thing about ‘great writing’ is that it is exactly that until someone critiques it. They are never easy to take:critiques.

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Looting, or Scavenging – a big world of difference!

Doesn’t this writer know the difference between looting (selfish, greedy action) and scavenging (sincere self-preservation action)? When your (or that of your loved one’s) life is in danger you scavenge…even if it means ‘looting’ to achieve your aim.–sector.html

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Should one be considered beautiful just because she (or he) is ‘different’?

I came across this article today in Yahoo News. The question of whether (or not) these women are beautiful seems to be based mainly on the fact that they are ‘different’.  Seems rather patronising… What is your take?    

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The Joy and Woes of Words

Words are the simplest things to say…but they are also the most powerful. Depending from which mouth it comes, it can be a tool of destruction, or one of construction. Which will yours be?

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If you read nothing else on this blog…read this! (Presenting, Mark Iles: Guest Author for this Week)

The mark of a great writer is tenacity, and the willingness to receive feedback.  The first (tenacity) is the ability to go on even when one’s work is not accorded the recognition it deserves. The second (willingness to receive feedback) is the readiness to see the good in every feedback –

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It’s seems you can’t buy your Apple, and have it!

Apples mind bogglingly greedy and evil license agreement It is at moments like this that I sympathise with the demonization of monopoly. What apple is implying by this declaration is akin to the flour manufacturer telling you that because they manufactured the flour, the cake you’ve baked belongs to them. If you find such reasoning […]

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Ah, the joy of being a woman!

“A woman has the last word in any argument. Anything a man says after that is the beginning of a new argument.” Saw the above on the profile of a male friend recently, and i must say that never was a truer observation made.

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Prince William and Kate Middleton

And so it begins… Hardly was the announcement of Kate Middleton’s engagement to Prince William out when the nit picking began.  First it was a report about Ms Middleton’s style of dressing – how much skin

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