Rainbow Couscous!

When you are experiencing the  never-ending, bone-aching chill of winter, nothing does a heart more good than a plate of well-prepared meal.

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Winter Delight

Sometimes all you need to drive away winter blues is a well-created plate of salad…if you know how to create it, of course.  Fortunately, I do:-)

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Should the right to life of a child be greater than the right to life of an adult?

The above seems to be the question in The State of Pennsylvania vs. 13-year-old Jordan Brown who, in February 2009, as young boy of 11, waited until his father left for work, then took a 20-gauge shotgun, entered Kenzie Houk’s bedroom and shot her in the back of the head.  Ms Houk was eight months […]

This & That

Sweet Potatoes and fresh pasta melange!

Yeah, fusion cooking – it’s all about creativity and a willingness to try out some wild imagination.

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Dumpling Delight

Yeah, I know, I said this was Deep Sauce season.  But this looked so good I thought it ought to be in here:-)

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Atama Soup

A popular sauce/soup from southern Nigeria -Calabar/Akwa Ibom States – a region renowned for the culinary wonders of its people.  It is traditionally served with fufu/pounded yam- dough-like staple made from cassava, or yam.

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A Happy New Year to all my readers!

OK, am back and ready to get back to work.  Let’s see, this year, I’ll start with sauces.  for a couple weeks or a few months, I am going to be concentrating on presenting sauces.  Sauces are versatile, they are great for parties, for game nights, or for those occasions where you need to feed […]

Healing Thoughts