Nigerian Cuisine Celebration!

This was a successful day: and all the guests agreed.  Here’s what they had to say…

‘Enjoyable, special, delightful, inspiring, relaxing, tasty-spicy food, ambience – and the list of adjectives can go on and on and on to the superlative.  Love you.’ Magda

‘Another wonderful evening, thank you Sarah, the food was innovative & delicious, cheers.’ Alex

‘Thank you very much for this really new experience.  I loved it! ‘ Manuel

‘Thank you, Sarah, for opening your house to such a IMG_0981great experience! Loved the whole evening and I’m looking forward for more… ‘ Tania

‘My son and I enjoyed your special dinner in a heavenly atmosphere at your place…’ Magda

‘Your food is delicious! Thank you.’ Liz

‘Loved the atmosphere, nice people, great hostess, tasty food:-)’ S. Olaniyan

‘My dear Sarah! Your passion for cooking is inspiring! It was great to meet you and other people here.  Loved it, will definitely come again.” Nina






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