Food as a tool of positive integration

To say I love the art of cooking is to state the glaringly obvious. However, more than the pleasure I derive from watching a well-seasoned pot bubbling away on the stove, is the joy that flows through my heart when I witness two complete strangers (who have only recently just met) chatting away at my table as though they’ve been bosom friends for years: people whose path would otherwise probably never have crossed.  The one interest that gets them chatting away so enthusiastically?…their love of/for food…good food.

Here are pictures from recent feasts around my table…and comments from guests.

‘Thrilling experience! Delicious food!!!’ Zemla

‘Another gem!!!’ Maddy Hesling

‘You are Amazing. God Blesss You!!!’ Kristin Lewis

‘Thank you for the lovely evening. Amazing food & great company. I especially loved the lamb! Best ever! I will definitely recommend ‘A day of Sarah’s culinary art:-)!!’ Andra & Jamie Slaats





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