Fearfully and Wonderfully

He made me.

He gave me eyes to behold the universe;
the flora, the fauna and the sparkling springs.
The twinkling cosmic, and plush rainbow.

He gave me ears to hear the pleasing
symphonies of summer birds.
And nose to smell the heady fragrance
of freshly mowed lawns.

He gave me tongue to savour both the chillies
and the cheeses, and crowned that
with lips with which to declare
affections for all my beloveds.

He gave me womb to foster new life,
bosom to nurse and nurture, and
intuition to know just what to do.

He gave me skin as rich as the mahogany
wood, and added a beautiful afro to set off
my oval face. He made me as nimble as
the Serengeti gazelle, and threw in a couple
of wrinkles to keep vanity at bay.

He gave me tears to relieve stress
and emotion to help me know that I am alive.
He gave me friends to bless and encourage
and enemies to refine and make me wise.

He gave me a mom with whom to hug, and
share my thoughts; and a dad to run to in times of need.
He gave me sisters with whom to share spices and
Sugar; and added brothers to warn off bullying boys.

He gives me moments of joy to preserve my heart;
and pains to better appreciate those moments.
He has given me hope for a better future;
and strength to trust in that hope.

He made me fearfully;
He made me gloriously;
He made me beautifully;

And oh, so wonderfully.

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