Just because…

I love cooking, and feeding people.  As a matter of fact, one of the great joys of my life is having a cook-out and inviting friends and family over to share my creations.

Those invited often ask, ‘ What’s the dinner for? Is it a birthday?’ My answer is also often ‘No, it is not.  The dinner is just because…’

Just because  what? You the reader might ask.  Well, just because…

  • i have found a particularly juicy-looking leg of mutton and amazingly fresh clutter of seafood, and feel like creating something spectacular out of them.
  • i dreamt about an unusual recipe (happens quite a lot) and want to see if it will work in real life.
  • i want my friends and beloveds around me.
  • i need that sense of fulfilment that’s always mine when my kitchen is swirling with fragrance of different herbs and spices.

This picture was taken on one of those ‘just because…’ occassions.


the spread...almond and vanilla fragranced couscous


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