Full Moon

Enzymes are a special class of biological chemicals in our body that act as catalyst to trigger functions to maintains and regenerate vital body fluids, cells, tissues and organs.

Enzymes play many roles in our body.  Some of the most essential roles of certain enzymes are the ability to digest food and assimilate the nutrients content of fruits and vegetables.

It’s been medically proven that following a primarily raw food diet can help maintain the essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes our body needs.  However, how convenient is it for most people to chew their way through platefuls of raw fruits and vegetables each day? In some cases certain people might find it hard to properly digest the raw fiber in their food.  For that reason juicing provides the best alternative method for ensuring that your body receives the daily enzymes and benefits it needs.

Full Moon – this week specialty – is guarantee to do just that.  enjoy!

Full MoonCIMG1594
1 ripe Mango – seeded

a quarter of pineapplee

I well-ripe orange

Quarter of pawpaw (papaya)

I carrot

I lemon-grass stick – or five long leaves

Wash all the ingredients and, peal the mango, orange and papa – but include the seed of the papaw as they are known to be rich in anti-oxidant – juice all the fruit together.  Your delicious drink  chock-full of vitamins and minerals is ready.

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