American Thanksgiving 2014 in Sarah’s Kitchen

What a glorious day this was, as guests supped…and gave thanks to their Creator for His amaz


Need a Good Read?

Read about the journey into the soul of a teenage boy with a chronic disability. Need a good read? Read about the journey into the soul of a teenage boy with a chronic disability. @Sensim #amreading — Pubslush (@pubslush) October 22, 2014  

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If you read nothing else on this blog…read this! (Presenting, Mark Iles: Guest Author for this Week)

The mark of a great writer is tenacity, and the willingness to receive feedback.  The first (tenacity) is the ability to go on even when one’s work is not accorded the recognition it deserves. The second (willingness to receive feedback) is the readiness to see the good in every feedback –

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Is one region’s genital mutilation another’s beautification?

I enjoy watching documentaries. On a haunt for one recently I stumbled upon one titled ‘Perfect Vagina.’ Intrigued by such an uncommon title for a body part many know is there but probably hardly ever talk about – at least not openly – I decided to give it my attention for that Friday evening, which […]

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Finding Humour in Racist Ignorance

Feel Nubia Who says one cannot find humour, albeit of a bizarre kind, in racism? As incontrolable laughter wracked our ribs and brought tears streaming down our cheeks, my friend Helen and I were aware that we were drawing looks of interest from those around us.


Nigeria, El-Rufai: and the problem of cutting off our noses to spite our faces

The Nigerian Village Square This was published in Pambazuka and Nigerian Village Square As Minister of the Federal Capital Territory Abuja from 2003 to 2007, he was praised, amongst other things, as being “an incorruptible public servant who can get difficult jobs done…” As a matter of fact, Abuja is said to owe its present […]


Pandora’s Box Charity

[fancy_header type=”style2″]The Nigerian Village Square[/fancy_header] Like most Nigerians, I am still enrapt in the recent ‘news-worthy’ incident which seems to be spellbinding my fellow country men – Nigerian Big Men Naira Display at Madam Turai’s recent launching of her cancer project. [button href=”” popup=”1″]Read Full Article[/button]


Echoes from the Past

The Nigerian Village Square “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety.” – Benjamin Franklin, renowned inventor and politician. He was at, what could rightly be called, the pinnacle of his life. As an author, television producer, environmental activist and winner of the Golden Environmental […]


Witchcraft, the new epidemic in Nigeria

Modern Ghana It seems to be the growing trend that whenever attention-grabbing news comes out of Nigeria these days it invariably must be of the negative kind. It has become so bad that whenever I spy the word ‘Nigeria’ in any story my heart does a double-take and my first inclination is to skip that […]


Is Nollywood ready for the Oscars?

Summer 2009 Edition of Leadership and Life Style Magazine With the recent success of Slumdog millionaire, an Indian box office mega-blockbuster which succeeded in winning eight Oscars including best picture, director, adapted screenplay, editing, cinematography, sound mixes, score and songs, it has become quite apparent that Hollywood, the US movie industry, is no longer looking […]

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