New Post is coming soon!!

New Post is coming soon!!

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A Garden in a Flat

I am a child of the open wild


The Slip of a Girl called Hope

They say she’s as old as the moon



They drove by in a sky-blue Volkswagen.


American Thanksgiving 2014 in Sarah’s Kitchen

What a glorious day this was, as guests supped…and gave thanks to their Creator for His amaz


Food as a tool of positive integration

To say I love the art of cooking is to state the glaringly obvious. However, more than the pleasure I derive from watching a well-seasoned pot bubbling away on the stove, is the joy that flows through my heart when I witness two complete strangers (who have only recently just met) chatting away at my […]

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Need a Good Read?

Read about the journey into the soul of a teenage boy with a chronic disability. Need a good read? Read about the journey into the soul of a teenage boy with a chronic disability. @Sensim #amreading — Pubslush (@pubslush) October 22, 2014  

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Welcome back from Summer!

A shout out to all who attended the dinner of 12 September.  It was lovely to re-see old faces and to get to meet new ones. Need I ask if you all enjoyed  the evening or should I go by your comments below?…

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Summer Dinner!

The last dinner for the summer (until sometime in August) was one of my most memorable yet…truly great crowd, beautiful ambience, amazing food and …words simply fail, so why don’t I just quote some of my guests:-)…

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Calabar/Akwa Ibom Women…This is how we do it!

In Nigeria, it is widely believed that a ‘man’ contest between a Calabar/Akwa Ibom woman and women from the other parts of Nigeria is a no-contest – as the woman from Calabar/Akwa Ibom would win without even breaking sweat. Now, non-Calabar/Akwa Ibom women have wrongly blamed the power of women  from these two regions on […]

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