@African Lives Matter

African Lives Matter.

When will this madness end? When will those who are always jabbering on about morality and human rights speak out against these kinds of things? When Africans questioned the origin of Ebola and Aids and its particularly horrible effects on Africans, their suggestions were scoffed at as baseless ‘conspiracy theory’. Do we still think the theory quite so baseless now? And yet these morons, these sorry excuses for human beings, these dogs, these dung beetles parading as human beings call themselves doctors? Where does the Hippocratic Oath ‘do no harm’ that is supposed to be the foundational belief of all doctors figure in their callous utterance? Oh, forgive me, they do not believe Africans are humans, so, to them, the Act does not apply when dealing with Africans.
Drogbá Samuel Eto’o Amnesty International African Lives Matter.

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