Anyone can make money, but not everyone can make an impact. While it is good to have the former, it is so much better to earnestly seek for the latter. For it is impact which leaves indelible prints on the footpaths of life. Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

Healing Thoughts

Pandora’s Box Charity

[fancy_header type=”style2″]The Nigerian Village Square[/fancy_header] Like most Nigerians, I am still enrapt in the recent ‘news-worthy’ incident which seems to be spellbinding my fellow country men – Nigerian Big Men Naira Display at Madam Turai’s recent launching of her cancer project. [button href=”” popup=”1″]Read Full Article[/button]


Running on a wounded leg by Sarah Udoh-Grossfurthner

Needing to stop, but determined, determined to forge ahead, otherwise, what then? what else? Life must go on.

Healing Thoughts